Housing Helper.org, Inc., is a nonprofit mortgage broker organization (501c3 status is pending). Our mission is to transform lives, enrich moral fiber and heighten the financial awareness of families through outreach that promote economic empowerment. Housing Helper.org, Inc., will provide products and services appropriate to the unique needs of underserved families and neighborhoods.

Housing Helper.org, Inc., endeavors to change the mindset of underserved communties through the delivery of affordable housing.

Housing Helper.org, Inc., is dedicated to helping low to moderate income level persons obtain mortgage products for first mortgages at low interest rate and minimum fees. Our staff of professional licensed Mortgage Brokers have a strong mission-related interest in making sure their customers get the most appropriate loan products.

For additional information contact us at:
P: 561-651-9307 F: 561-651-9385

Email: cassie@housinghelper.org